Mobile Application Development & Maintenance

Mobile technology enables business to liberate enterprise data.With proliferation of mobile devices and connected devices it is changing the way we work, live, learn, and play, and how we communicate and share information.Most of the organization around the world are in a path to implement their Enteprise application on Mobile.

The mobile device has evolved from being merely a digital information manager to a full-fledged digital assistant. Mobile devices are changing the customer experience and forcing organizations to rethink how they engage with their customers and employees.Businesses have a unique opportunity to create competitive advantage by understanding that mobile devices are not only tools to drive innovation, but they create an ecosystem that can transform the customer and employee experience.

The support of a well-established partner to mobile-enable the enterprise is imperative to succeed and sustain the mobility initiatives and realize the enterprise mobility roadmap.

Types of Mobile Apps

Native Apps
Applications downloaded from online market/store and installed on specific device are categorized as native mobile apps. These applications are developed by using specific programming language (like Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS) and device specific API. Mobile users have access to these applications all the time without connecting to internet once they are installed on their devices. Games and applications downloaded from app store or market are examples of native apps.

Web Apps
Applications accessed through internet on mobile browsers are called mobile web apps. These applications are developed with web technologies like HTML, JQuery and JavaScript. Popular social media applications like Facebook ( and Gmail ( etc. have their separate mobile based web apps which are very famous among mobile users.

Hybrid Apps
Combination of web and native mobile apps is called Hybrid app. In such applications, web apps are embedded into native mobile apps.User interface is normally covered in native part of the application while content is loaded through web part of the application. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter apps installed on a mobile are best examples where application interface is installed but contents is loaded from the web.

Kaavian’s Enterpise Mobile Expertise in

  • Cross-device mobile development
  • Augmented Reality app
  • Porting and migration
  • Widget development
  • Support and Maintenance
  • QA and testing

We build mobile application from scratch according to your unique needs and requirements. We can also extend your web or enterprise based applications to a mobile platform. We have expertise and cutting-edge experience in developing applications in a various Mobile operating Systems such as iOs, Android and Windows Phone(WP).Our App delivers awesome user experience on mobile and tablets.Leveraging our industry expertise and our extensive technological background we deliver high quality user-friendly applications.