Syclo Agentry

Syclo Agentry for Any Enterprise, Any Network and Any Device

Agentry is Syclo’s enterprise grade framework for developing, integrating, deploying and managing multiple mobile applications for enterprises. Agentry’s framework helps Innovapptive and its customers to simplify key business processes and achieve higher productivity, lower costs and better decision-making. Whether small, medium or large enterprise, Agentry’s sophisticated integration capabilities extends accessibility to corporate data to enable speedy business operations. The platform supports single application on multiple networks so the employees can switch between the networks to get ultimate in speed, availability and cost-effectiveness. Agentry handles the complexities of using multiple devices enabling Innovapptive and its customers in developing applications for all popular devices and allows the organizations and its employees to choose device types and operating systems.


Using Sophisticated Technology that makes Mobile easy

Using Syclo’s feature-rich Agentry Editor nested in the powerful Eclipse software development platform, ultimate in personalization, Java development tools and mobility-specific development features help to make applications rich in user experience. Syclo’s Agentry Platform, with an advanced SOA framework helps to make easier systems integration right from free flow of information to robust composite integrations with complete flexibility of security settings. With an ever-growing diversity of mobile devices on the market and with very little standardization among them, using Agentry, makes applications that support all popular devices and ensures that your mobile solutions are easy to manage and inexpensive to modify as your business changes.

Low-costs that impacts every level of business

The Syclo Agentry platform’s open, flexible architecture and future-proof technology enables Innovapptive in developing mPower App suite products which help clients with a quicker and long-lasting ROI. The low total cost of ownership impacts every level of our client’s business — from development to deployments they experience value of the more accurate and timely data populating of their applications.

SAP Qualified RDS of the Syclo Agentry Platform and Syclo Apps

Innovapptive’s SAP qualified Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) of the Syclo Agentry Platform provides customer with the ability to successfully bring a stable, robust mobile asset management solution into production use with minimal expert support and associated costs. The 5 to 8 week offer from Innovapptive, incorporates scope confirmation and implementation that requires minimal configuration but would be considered the foundation for further process oriented asset management solution.


“Data seamlessly flow in and out of SAP ERP – with fewer opportunities for miscommunication, errors and data loss”

Business Benefits

  • Through built-in functionality, the 4GL framework simplifies application design and deployment.
  • Existing systems for field work are mobilized using templates allows configuring programs quickly.
  • Agentry’s open, flexible architecture extends the data to optimize its value.
  • The universal platform allows you to access and update data across multiple back-end systems.
  • Supports a wide range of mobile devices and the latest advances in technologies, including RFID, GIS, GPS and more.
  • Customized user presentation to deliver uniform business rules on a variety of device types.
  • Central architecture management and extensive diagnostics simplify revisions and updates.

Value Drivers

  • Ready-to-deploy SAP mobile applications that enable rapid mobilization of your field:
  • SAP Inventory Manager
  • SAP Work Manager
  • SAP CRM Service Manager
  • SAP Rounds Manager

With expertise in SAP Syclo implementations, companies can quickly mobilize their operations like work dispatch, approvals, inventory management, inspection, field services and other such key processes.