Analytics Cloud

The Spellbook of SAC: Understanding the Elements

Ms.Meenakshi, SAP Analytics Consultant, Kaavian System.

SAP Analytics Cloud:

SAC is a complete solution for analytics and planning that designs business applications and most valuable data sources.

SAC helps businesses by using their data better to find new insights and opportunities.

Spells Of SAC:

Just as everything in the universe is based on five basic elements, SAC is also structured around five fundamental elements.

In SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), the five elements – air, water, fire, sky, and earth – symbolize the essential pillars that underpin our analytical framework. Just as these elements are vital for sustaining life, they are equally crucial in SAC for fostering clarity, fluidity, dynamism, expansiveness, and stability in data-driven decision-making processes.

Here it is,

Elements of Universe

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Ether
  • Fire

Elements of SAC

  • Data
  • Visualization
  • Augumented Analytics
  • Planning
  • Collabration

Aligning SAP Analytics Cloud Elements with Universal Forces: A Simplified Comparison


  • Data as the Earth provides a stable foundation for us to stand on, data serves as the foundational support for all analyses in SAC.
  • Data forms the foundation upon which all analytical activities within SAC are built. Whether it’s creating visualizations, performing forecasting, or conducting predictive analytics, data serves as the raw material for analysis.
  • Data’s are securely retrieved from various spreadsheets, databases, and other applications in the cloud or on-site to make accurate data-driven decisions.
  • To avoid the data replication we can set up through live data connections.

Visualization :

  • How Water takes the shape of its container, visualization in SAP Analytics Cloud is highly adaptable, allowing users to customize dashboards and reports to their specific analytical needs.
  • With the connected data tell a story and visualize data and make it easy to understand.

Various visualization Tools,

 Story Designer – Narratives through data visualization

Modeler –Establish data structures for efficient analysis

Business Content –Access pre-built templates

Analytic Applications – Create custom applications with pre-built widgets similar to story.

Digital Boardroom – Presentation of Dashboards in real-time.

Data Analyzer – Dive deep into data especially for Live data connections.

MS Office Integration –  Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office for enhanced productivity.

Augmented Analytics:

  • Augmented Analytics like how Air interacts with all living beings by providing oxygen for breathing, augmented analytics in SAC allows users to instantly access results, interaction and wonder among users as they gain insights and understanding.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide answers to your questions.

Smart Features:

Search to Insight – Search functionality.

Smart Insight – Gain valuable and actionable insights through automated analysis.

Smart Discovery – Discover trends in the data without any difficulty.

Smart Predict – Predictive analytics for future outcomes.


Planning as the Sky provides direction and clarity, planning in SAP Analytics Cloud guides businesses towards their goals.

In SAP Analytics Cloud, planning is a map to set out our goals, allocate resources, and forecast future outcomes, informed forecasting descions and tracking the progress.

Planning Features:

  • Predications
  • Plan & Forecast.
  • Plan for Budget.


Collaboration is like gathering around a Fire. It fuels teamwork, fosters communication, and generates ideas to achieve common goals.

In SAP Analytics Cloud, collaboration means working together with your team in real-time, sharing insights, and making decisions collectively to drive business success.

Collaboration Features:

  • Workspace
  • Comments and Annotations.
  • Notification
  • Version History.
  • Collaborative Planning.