The proven implementation methodology from KAAVIAN SYSTEMS and the uncompromising emphasis on standards and processes translate into robust SAP implementations for your business. Our SAP consultants have global experience, having delivered high-quality SAP implementations within time and budget for customers across geographies.

Our template-based approach optimizes rollout duration and leverages our experience in multi-country rollouts. The result – faster rollouts while maintaining standard business practices across geographies.


Today’s ever changing business environment demands enterprises to seek IT solutions that deliver rapid business impact. They need to invest in the right technology that yields the required results. SAP has a range of products that help businesses achieve operational efficiencies and profitability.

  • Have handled implementation for companies with turnover of more than a Billion USD.
  • Have handled 25 locations in parallel.
  • Have trained user base of more than 500 by engaging multiple teams.
  • Have facilitated change management to bring organizational cultural change and adoption to SAP.
  • Have handled diversified business under a single umbrella.
  • Have handled and implemented projects with 88+ Profit Centers and 50+ Business Areas.
  • Have completed implementations for a single umbrella with 90+ legal entities.


If your organization is like most mid-sized companies, it does not have the resources or inclination to staff an internal IT team devoted to managing SAP. Besides, that’s not your company’s core business.

We support our international clients for the deployment of SAP solutions, regionally and locally with the help of their global templates. We use our skills and international experience to optimize your project time, cost and quality to meet your local business needs.

Our highly skilled dedicated SAP consultants will support a broad range of SAP functionality to diverse industries like Manufacturing, Chemical, Phama, Trading, Airline, IT and Telecom.

A bundled service management framework that allows customers to leverage our services and skills across the SAP lifecycle of assess, plan, design, implement and run.

Structured to enable clients to realize better value from SAP investments by leveraging access to broader skills – both specialized and generic without the need for multiple contracts and financial commitments.

Enables clients to buy a bundled service package and utilize the skills as and when required.

As an SAP certified AMS provider with robust governance, reporting and communication models we follow quality processes and SLA driven performance management.